Transform Music Education In Your School

A complete structured songwriting course including lesson plans, assessments, quizzes, video tutorials, downloads and all the resources you need to transform your teaching and your students' musical learning.

Over 120 Lessons with more added every week!

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In this online course, you will learn how to:

  • Create and Set Up Your BandLab For Education Classroom
  • Enrol Students Into Your Classroom
  • Use Loops To Make Music In Minutes
  • Create Assignments For your Class
  • Create And Edit A Personal Project
  • Use Different Structures To Create A Song
  • Keyboard Shortcuts For Better Workflow
  • Use The Basic Features of BandLab For Education
  • Create an Introduction, Verse, Chorus & All The Other Key Parts To A Song
  • Write Song Lyrics
  • Add The Finishing Touches To A Song
  • Master A Song
  • Produce A Beat Like Lil Skies On BandLab
  • Create A Vaporwave Beat On BandLab
  • Produce A Marshmello Style Beat On BandLab
  • Spice Up Your Sounds With Automation On BandLab
  • Create A Drake Type Beat On BandLab
  • Produce Hip Hop In Minutes
  • Create A Dua Lipa Type Beat On BandLab
  • Create Techno Trap Mashup Track On BandLab
  • Create A Grime Beat On BandLab


Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Allowing you and your students to learn in the style and pace that best suits them.

Remote & Blended Learning

The cloud-based BandLab For Schools course can be followed both in the classroom and at home.

Bring BandLab To Your Classroom 

BandLab for Education brings award-winning music creation features to the classroom empowering teachers and their students with everything they need for collaborative and fun musical learning.

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Key Benefits From This Course

  • Created by a professional teacher with over thirty years experience
  • Uses the free, safe, cloud-based platform BandLab For Education
  • Ideal for distance and blended learning, particularly in light of Covid-19 and Lockdown
  • Requires no installation needed. Works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks
  • Online music studio incorporates award-winning features - Virtual Instruments, Premium Effects, Audio samples, Rich sound library
  • Allows educators to focus on teaching without being distracted by administrative tasks or worrying about security and privacy risks
  • Simple TMS allows teachers to keep track of class progress and provide real-time feedback on student activity

  • Enables teachers to send assignments, grade submissions and give valuable feedback to the next generation of musicians

  • Easy-to-create assignments, Grades system, Real-time collaboration

  • Unlimited classes, unlimited students, unlimited projects

  • Suitable for schools
  • Private classrooms
  • Easy student management
  • Built-in messaging (Optional)

BandLab For Schools

Join a growing group of progressive teachers who know that children love music and technology - in fact, it is the air that they breathe.

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