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The BandLab Academy is Dedicated to Using BandLab’s Award-Winning, Free Music Technology & Education Platform to Transform how Music is Taught and Learnt 

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Join a growing group of progressive teachers who know that children love music and technology - in fact, it is the air that they breathe.

Learn how to quickly and easily incorporate BandLab into your classroom and deliver the curriculum in an engaging and inclusive way.

BandLab for Education brings award-winning music creation features to the classroom empowering teachers and their students with everything they need for collaborative and fun musical learning.

Nothing to patch or install – the cloud-based platform works on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks. It's safe and it's free!

Contemporary Styles

Empower and motivate your students to become musicians. Give them the confidence in their innate ability to be creative using the medium that they know so well - technology. The results will astound you!

BandLab for Education is perfect for remote and blended learning, meaning that students' exploration and experimentation using the building blocks of music continues outside of the classroom.

Access anytime, anywhere allows students to create their own personal music projects in whatever way they see fit.

The huge variety of contemporary styles means that they can explore and emulate their favourite artists and discover exactly how modern music is put together.

CPD Whilst You Teach

Learn through doing. How to set up your school and online classrooms, how to enrol your students and how to get them started exploring the thousands of sampled loops and virtual instruments through their own personal projects. 

Video tutorials allow you as the teacher, to learn whilst you teach. No need to spend hours of your own time, preparing lessons, working out how to use the software or deliver the course, just press play and pause and then just add any additional learning on top. Lesson plans, summaries, print outs and quizzes will ensure that incorporating new technology in your classroom need not be onerous or scary, but fun and exciting. You will see a transformation in your students approach to music as they realise their potential.

Challenged by Technology?

Don't worry - Step by step video tutorials, summaries and lesson plans will enable any teacher to overcome their fear and build a new confidence in the facilitation and use of music technology in the classroom.

Safe Collaborative Tools

mean that students can form partnerships with their friends and write songs together. The teacher can set up partnerships with other classes in other schools, inviting them to join a project. This could be locally, nationally or internationally. The possibilities are endless! 

 Simple & Intuitive Courses

Created by teachers, musicians, songwriters and music education experts with years of experience of working in primary, secondary, tertiary and special education. 

Created for students of all ages and abilities no matter what their background or experience.  

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